Replace the battery of Boogie Board

Boogie Board is a very simple tablet which has only two functions, write and erase all.

You can not save what you wrote nor connect to your PC, it even does not have

power switch and you can not replacve battery, yes when the battery inside wared

you have to slow it away and buy a new one.

With such smart design it is thin and light weight so you can use it as a scratch pad

on your real desktop. I love this kind of design very much which has firm goal and

direction. However when I found that my Boogie Board's battery is gone I thought of

trying replace with new battery and started disassemble the board.



This article is written as a note of a project what I have done and nobody or I encourage you to do the same thing without much knowledge and experience in the electronic world for long time.

It includes the soldering direct to Litium Battery which should not be done under ordinary occasions. Soldering to the battery may damage separater inside of the batttery which separates positive and negative electrodes. If the separator is damagede the battery is shorted and generates high temparature heat it may results the explosion.

You have to aware of the risk to your life. I and the server company do not have any responsibilities to the results what you have done. You should find Litium battery with soldering tabs are spotted. If you can not find it forget it and buy a new Boogie Board.


When I purchased this Boogie Board at Akihabara, this is the only model available. Now they have larger models which you can replace battery in the compartment. The most expensive model even has the capabilities to communicate with PCs which I do not need at all. I use my iPad for those purpose.

At first, remove Logo printed thick sticker at the top of the board. It is fixed with dual sided adhensive tape so it will not be hard to remove. Then remove four tiny screws. Note one of those screws are hidden under a circle QC silver sticker which you should remove too.

Slide the plastic cover upword to unlatch then pull it to your side to remove.

There is a Litium battery with tabs soldered. Note yellow insulater is used to avoid negative tab to touch positive. You can see + sign at the top right of the battery. You should be careful to solder new battery about the polarity. You may damage Boogie Board parmanently by placing the battery in the wrong side.

Erase button is located at top left of the battery.

Old removed batteery on the right and new battery CR2032 without tab on the left.

I removed the tab from old one and soldered to the new one after I put insulater to new battery.

Again, this is not what you are going to do. You must find CR2032 with tabs spotted. You can find one of them at an Electronic Parts Shop neaby or on the net.

Solder the new battery with right direction and put the palstic cover and sticker as it was.


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